Prepaid credit

Call 139 as soon as possible. Our customer service can assist you in transferring the credit to the correct mobile number if the credit of the recharged number is unused. However, if the prepaid credit has been used (partially or completely), only the remaining credit will be transferred to the correct prepaid mobile number.

Call 139, our Customer Service can check the status of your order. Please have your order information and email nearby.

In an order, you can only purchase one credit amount per prepaid mobile number. When recharging two prepaid mobile numbers, your order can include two Afl. 25 credit per prepaid mobile number. However, if you are recharging one prepaid mobile number, you can only purchase one Afl. 25 credit.

Yes, on the product detail page you can enter the prepaid mobile number that you want to recharge. This prepaid mobile number can be either yours or another person. Please recheck the prepaid mobile number you are recharging before finalizing the order.

Yes, once you have placed an order, you will receive a confirmation email and an SMS indicating that the recharge has been successful.

If you have an expired prepaid credit, you can still purchase credit for your prepaid mobile number.

If you have a de-activated prepaid mobile number, you cannot re-activated it with prepaid credit. In this case, you have to visit a SETAR Teleshop to check if the prepaid mobile number is still available.

Do not use the credit. Contact our Contact Center at 139 immediately.