wifi-aruba-logoWi-Fi Aruba

Get high-speed Wi-Fi Internet access on your laptop, tablet or Smartphone at several Hotspots on the network with the largest Wi-Fi coverage on the island, including restaurants, bars and even on the beach for fast and easy Internet access.

Wi-Fi Aruba
Island wide coverage on the go!

How to sign up for Wi-Fi?

All you have to do is purchase a prepaid Wi-Fi card at one of our Teleshops, SETAR store, SETAR Hotspot locations or online with your credit card.

  • Start your device
    Start your laptop, tablet, iPod touch or smartphone

  • Open your browser
    Search for the Wi-Fi Aruba network

  • Easy Payment
    Pay with your Credit Card or buy a prepaid card

  • Connect & Surf
    Connect to a fast and reliable Internet network

What does it cost?

One hour

  • 1 x 60 minutes continuously

One day

  • 1 x 24 hours continuously

One week

  • 7 x 24 hours continuously

One month

  • 30 x 24 hours continuously
  • Do not throw the prepaid card away. The access code on the card is needed to login again.
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Frequently asked questions Wi-Fi Aruba

Go to your telephone, tablet or computer settings and follow these steps:

  • SSID: wifiaruba
  • WEP encryption: Off
  • TCP/IP settings for your wireless card or device:
  • “Obtain an IP Automatically”
  • “Obtain DNS Server Address Automatically”

Now please do the following:

  • Go to a SETAR hotspot location
  • Go to your Wi-Fi settings and select “wifiaruba”
  • Please open your web browser
  • On the welcome page, please select the option Prepaid Card or Pay & Surf
  • Enter your information

The technology of Wi-Fi is 11 Mbps fast. In theory this is 196 times faster than a dial up modem of 56 Kbps.
Due to different factors like the speed of the servers, websites and the amount of users on the Wi-Fi network the speed can vary.


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