Prepaid Starter Kit for Tablets

High speed data plan to stay connected while on the go. The Starter Kit is for all unlocked tablets & Mi-Fi hotspot devices (also available at our Teleshops). Just insert the data SIM into your device, scratch your prepaid card to get the access code and enjoy high speed internet on the go.

What does it cost?

Prepaid Starter Kit for Tablets includes:

  • SIM card + $5.70 (Afl. 10) credit
  • 1-day Wireless Broadband Card with 1 GB of data or
  • 7-day Wireless Broadband Card with 4 GB of data

Do not throw the prepaid card away. You’ll need the access code on the card to login again.

Prepaid SIM Cards

Prepaid calling on Aruba. Know your options.

Use a SETAR prepaid SIM card with any prepaid device to start making calls right away on Aruba. SETAR offers six prepaid recharge card amounts. And your calls go through on our reliable SETAR mobile network.

How does it work?
You simply purchase a SIM card that fits your device. Then select from among our different prepaid recharge cards. These can be purchased at many supermarkets, gas stations, bars and restaurants, CMB ATMs and, of course, all SETAR Teleshops. The allowance amount determines how many minutes of call time you have (domestic and international) or how many text messages you can send with the card. You pay per second.

We have a prepaid recharge card that’s right for you: Check out our 6 recharge bundles

SETAR offers the following services with our prepaid plans:

  • Mobile Internet
  • Voicemail
  • SMS Text Messaging

Prepaid Data Bundle for your Smartphone

Don’t want to miss out on anything, even while on vacation on Aruba? Choose one of our Prepaid Data bundles and take advantage of the Best LTE network in Aruba.

You can buy one of our Prepaid Data bundles and stay in touch with family and friends through WhatsApp, email and Facebook. No matter where you are!

Check out the Prepaid Data bundles

Wi-Fi Aruba?

Using Wi-Fi on Aruba? Take advantage of SETAR’s extremely reliable network!

Need Wi-Fi?