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SETAR’s portfolio of high-end products and services ensure excellent results for its customers at the lowest possible costs. With enterprise-class solutions, extensive in-house experience and strategic alliances, SETAR is building on its reputation as being the best in delivering solutions that takes its customers to a higher level of business excellence. As such, we are delighted to announce the opening of our new Colocation Datacenter, later in 2016. This state-of-the-art Tier III data center offers many benefits.

Continuous Power

The SETAR Colocation Datacenter is supported by dual high-capacity main feeds and three backup generators, each with 12 hours of back up time. The data center also has agreements in place for continuous fuel deliveries in case of long-term power outages. The Critical IT load is supported through a parallel uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system in a redundant configuration. If one UPS unit fails, Critical IT load will automatically and seamlessly transfer to the other UPS units to ensure continuous power delivery to the critical IT load, i.e. customer equipment.

Climate-controlled Environment

The Critical IT load is also supported with continuous cooling from efficient and reliable air conditioning units on standby that use the latest in inverter technology. Temperature and humidity are tightly controlled using an aisle containment solution, with reserve cooling capacity, always on standby in case of equipment failure or planned maintenance of critical cooling capacity components.

Shared or Dedicated Rack Space

Shared rack space can be leased by rack unit (U), with a 3U minimum lease. Alternatively, dedicated third (12U), half (19U) or full (47U) rack units can be leased, including high-density full rack units. The access door to each individual dedicated rack or fractional unit is protected by an electronic card-based access control system.

Remote Hands & Eyes Service

To support continuous efficient operation of our customers’ equipment, SETAR’s Remote Hands & Eyes Service employs skilled data center personnel to perform simple maintenance and repairs to customer equipment. This work is based on step-by-step instructions provided by customers.

Advanced Fire Detection and Suppression

The SETAR Colocation Datacenter is equipped with an advanced Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) system. The VESDA system is part of a fully automatic fire detection and suppression system designed to protect the critical IT load.

Security and Controlled Access

The SETAR Colocation Datacenter implements and observes a four-layer access control model, with strictly enforced access policies. Firstly, the data center site is surrounded by walls and fences and the entrance is guarded by security personnel. Secondly, the data center has a separate internal security desk at the entrance where visitors are identified and checked against a pre-authorized data center access list. Thirdly, all data center spaces have proximity card-controlled access on each door. Customers’ pre-authorized personnel only have access to designated areas and their own equipment racks. Lastly, all customer rack space is enclosed in access-controlled cabinets and are inaccessible to unauthorized personnel. All building and rack access is logged and the entire facility is under constant CCTV surveillance.

Connection to Local and International Networks

The SETAR Colocation Datacenter has redundant fiber connectivity to interconnect with our local and international MPLS data communication networks. Local interconnect services are realized through SETAR’s robust ethernet VPN (EVPN) solutions or via fixed international leased connections or corporate Internet services. Customers can select from a wide range of basic or premium services.

Active 24/7/365 Monitoring and Support

The SETAR Colocation Datacenter will be actively monitored by, and supported through SETAR’s Network Operations Center (NOC), which is operational and accessible to data center customers 24/7/365. Highly trained NOC personnel will ensure the continuous, safe and efficient operation of the SETAR Colocation Datacenter. They will also act as the customers first point of contact for data center operational services.

Feel free to contact SETAR Account Management to discuss how our Colocation Datacenter services can support your organization and business. Our team of professionals will be more than happy to share information on pricing and provide you with an offer for our new services.

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