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Security Management System

SETAR’s integrated Security Management System is characterized by a smart combination of security disciplines within a single reliable platform, specially designed for corporate use. We deliver custom made solutions that are better, faster and more efficient in suiting your businesses needs. We offer a variety of security options and have in-house experts that are available to help and provide you with any advice you may need.

Benefits of our Security Management Systems:

The system provides a better, more comprehensive view of operations. It is efficient in its processes and provides for cost of savings from the point of delivery, with low up-front investment and high returns to its daily monitoring of important systems and management controls. The system further provides for the safety of employees as well as customers. With its own battery back-ups, reliability and continuous security is guaranteed on a 24/7 basis.

We offer the following security options:

  • Access Control: We can integrate online card readers, PIN code card readers, wireless online and offline cylinder locks and electronic fittings, and allows all authorizations, events and reports to be generated from a single system.
  • Time Registration: The Time Registration module provides an insight into hours worked by employees. Linked to employment contracts (flexible working hours, part-time, full-time), the module gives a view of organizational performance in the form of management reports.

  • Video Surveillance: Video Management is fully integrated, which provides important benefits. Since all modules communicate with each other, automatically the right images are shown on the surveillance cameras.
  • Intercom: Intercom is integrated with audio, video and monitoring. This allows for more overview and insight in the control room. A pop-up window warns the controller when an access request is made.

  • Intrusion Detection: By integrating with other security disciplines false alarms can be prevented. In combination with Access Control, Video Surveillance and Intercom, we offer optimal intrusion detection, in which the interactive floor plan is an effective tool.
  • Parking Management: Parking management is linked with related facilities such as Access Control, License Plate and Visitor Registration and Video Surveillance. In Parking Management there is a wide range of alternatives available for paid parking.
  • Input/output Management: Your on-site equipment is integrated with input/output (or I/O) management. In case of equipment (e.g. generator) failure, this will be signaled through the security system for early detection and timely resolution.

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