Voice Services

The latest in corporate communication solutions enabling you to provide your customers with excellent service.

Voice Services

Since its founding SETAR has been the provider of communications in Aruba. SETAR offers the latest in corporate communication solutions enabling you to provide your customers with excellent service. Our corporate communication solutions enable you to keep track of communications costs, unified communications, presence and flexible communication on the go. Our exchange solutions makes your organization flexible by giving the possibility to work from office, home or while you are on the go. Your office is where ever you want it to be.

SETAR offers the complete solution to give your organization an advantage in delivering world class service to you customers. Investing in the offered solution will give you the tools to help you reach your goals of improving customer satisfaction and increase revenue.

Advantages of SETAR's Voice Services:

  • Voice over IP telephone system: using your existing IT infrastructure to provide communication within your entire organization using one centralized solution.
  • Call center: don’t miss any calls. Missing a customers' call is like missing revenue or missing the opportunity to provide excellent service. With our Call Center Solution in place, your calls can be routed to the appropriate call agent in your organization to handle all your customers needs. The Call Center Solution provides all the tools to help you manage calls to your organization and also manage your call agents.
  • Call recording: review calls to maintain a high standard in customer handling.
  • Teleworking: lower costs by using existing Internet infrastructures to communicate with all your branches. All calls between your main office and your branches will be handled as an internal call; it is as easy as dialing an extension.
  • Mobility and unified communications: increase productivity and collaboration within your organization by giving your mobile workers the edge of being on the road and still having the office tools at hand to be reachable where ever they may be.
  • Call Tracer: Keep track of your communication costs throughout the entire organization. Flexible call reporting is possible per extension, per department and for the entire corporation.

Call center

In today’s businesses time to market is essential for profit, but also for customer satisfaction and retention. Being able to deliver fast responses to customers and having the communications solutions available to guarantee customer satisfaction is the utmost goal to achieve. While human effort using technology makes it possible for an organization to reach its goals, it is technology provides the advantage.

Every call is a customer in need of service and a possible opportunity. A customer getting a busy tone will call another company which results in a loss of opportunity. As a corporate organization you need to have sufficient lines to at minimum register all incoming calls. Callers that could not be attended by your agents, can always leave a message and be called back whenever the agents are available. This provides you with the opportunity to actively reconnect with your customers.

Connecting you with the world

SETAR offers a variety of options to connect your Corporate Organization with the world. For local and international communication, SETAR is offering the corporate world a variety of PSTN/ISDN and SIP technologies.


ISDN offers very fast call set-up times, many free services such as Calling Line Identification (CLI) and the possibility for DID (Direct Inward Dialing).


SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is the latest technology to communicate with the world using voice calls. Like ISDN it also offers fast call set-ups and many free services. You only need an Internet connection.


Direct Inward Dialing (DID) is a SETAR Service that provides a block of telephone numbers for calling a company’s private branch exchange (PBX) System. The DID service allows a company to assign individual phone numbers for each person, or workstation, within the company without requiring a physical line into the PBX for each possible connection.

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