Mission Critical Solutions

Communicate safely and securely. We offer you the most reliable trunking radio solutions.


Mission Critical voice solutions have some key elements which include the following:

  • Direct or Talk Around
  • Push-to-talk (PTT)
  • Full Duplex Voice Systems
  • Group Call
  • Talker Identification Emergency Alerting
  • Audion Quality

SETAR offers TETRA radios and DMR’s that comply with the highest standards for Mission Critical voice communication. SETAR’s trunking radio solutions enable users in different areas such as first responders in public safety, transport, utilities, construction, and where ever Mission Critical communication is needed to communicate safely and securely. All communication over the TETRA network is encrypted and secured to avoid eavesdropping.

SETAR also provides GPS services with the TETRA trunking system to enable tracking and coordination of your operations.

Private APN

Access your internal applications and databases on your mobile devices using private Access Point Name (APN). Private APN is a mobile solution where a corporate organization can integrate its business processes with a mobile solution, and makes doing business flexible and profitable, by offering its services closer to the customer.

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