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SETAR uses advanced digital technology to provide a greater variety of channels than an analog service can offer. Digital Cable comes with a separate box through which you can enjoy a variety of programs and interactive television. Analog, in general, can offer approximately 46 channels.

Benefits of Digital Cable:

  • On-Demand - This service allows you to choose different movies and shows that you can watch at any moment of the day.
  • Pay-Per-View - This makes it possible to watch Adult Content and Live Events at your convenience.
  • Music Choice - You can enjoy a good quality of music, 24 hours a day and without  interruption. An interactive viewing experience whereby you can use an onscreen guide to customize your options according to your favorite channels, and to make use of  searches and other options.
  • HD channels - You can enjoy HD channels which show programs with a better audio and visual quality.

A Digital Cable box is a device which connects to your television and provides access to Digital Cable channels. With this box, you are able to make use of On-Demand and Pay-per-View options. In order to request a Cable box, simply visit any SETAR Teleshop and apply for the Digital Cable plan of your choice, with services including High Definition channels and Digital Video Recording options.

Yes. In order to watch Digital Cable you will need a separate Cable box for each TV.

HD stands for High Definition. HD channels show programs with a better audio and visual quality. To watch HD programming you need an HD television and an HD Digital Video Recorder or HD Box.

The easiest way to order is by using your remote control. If you are experiencing any difficulties with ordering your PPV, please call our Digital Cable Helpdesk at 5251700. Our staff will be happy to assist you.

Pay-Per-View, or PPV, allows you to pay for Adult content or Live Events that you can watch from your TV. PPV content can be purchased through the onscreen interactive programming guide.

Pay-Per-View (PPV) is only available via a Digital box. Don’t have a Digital box? Then please visit any of our Teleshops to upgrade to a Digital Cable plan.

An error message could indicate one of the following:

  1. There is not sufficient credit on account to purchase the program and/or event.
  2. The wrong PIN is being entered into the system.
  3. The stipulated date or time to purchase a program or event has already passed.
  4. The PPV system is down.

Please contact our Digital Cable Helpdesk at: 5251700

With Video On Demand (VOD) you can watch movies and other programs via your TV at your own convenience (within 24 hours of purchasing), without being tied to the normal television schedules. Movies, documentaries, concerts, children's programs, adult movies ... VOD has it. In order to purchase VOD programming you need to have a Digital Cable subscription.

Pay Per View (PPV) allows you to buy a program which is available through the electronic program guide.
Video On Demand (VOD) allows you to buy a program which you can watch whenever you want within a period of 24 hours.

You can put a lock on a number of channels, such as R-rated movies (Parental Control).  To block R-rated movies, do the following:

  • Press twice on the menu button to enter the Main Menu.
  • Select Parental Control from the onscreen list.
  • Enter the 4-digit pin code
  • Select locking to activate or deactivate Parental Control.
  • Choose the block option you would like to enable (e.g., Lock Rating, Lock Time, Lock Channels, Hide Titles).


With TV Everywhere (TVE) you can watch your favorite shows anywhere on Aruba on your laptop, tablet or smartphone using the apps from SETAR Live, ESPN Play, Total Guide xD and many others. You will need some form of Internet connection, either Wi-Fi or mobile Internet. TV Everywhere is an additional service for your Digital Cable plan that does not cost anything extra. To activate and configure your TVE account, you need to have a MiSETAR account. Follow these steps:

  • Log in to your MiSETAR profile.
  • Click on your account number.
  • Select the IPTV service tab.
  • Click on “Activate TVE” button.
  • Once activated, download and install the TVE app.
  • Log in to your TVE app with your MiSETAR credentials (user name/password).

You can return your Digital Cable box to any SETAR Teleshop. Do not forget to bring a valid identification document with you (ID card, driver's license or passport).

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