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Existing customers with a Digital Cable plan must go through migration. Our Contact Center team will contact the customers to provide the information about the migration to IPTV and make an appointment for the installation.

For more information call us at 127 or email at

You can register via our IPTV Online Store; click here and follow the steps.

Only new customers can register for an IPTV subscription plan Online. Existing customers with a Digital Cable plan must go through migration. For more information, call 127 or email us at

Standard IPTV Installation includes 1 AP (Access Point) and 2 Set-Top Boxes (STB) at an installation fee of Afl.133 for 2 connection points.

You can have a maximum of 8 TV connected to a standard IPTV installation with additional Set-top Boxes. Please note that for every extra connection point, we charge Afl.53 for same-day requests. Additional requests after the initial installation will be charged at Afl.133.

You can return your Set-Top Box to any SETAR Teleshop. Remember to bring a valid identification document (ID card, driver's license, or passport).

With Video On Demand (VOD), you can watch movies and other programs via your TV at your convenience (within 24 hours of purchasing). View Movies, documentaries, concerts, children's

programs, and adult movies anytime you want and how many times you wish. To purchase VOD programming, you need to have an IPTV subscription.

Where do I find VOD on my TV?
Click the Menu button on your remote and choose VOD to select the movies or series you wish to purchase.

Catch up on shows already in progress with Start Over. Shows that can be started over, are indicated when pressing info button, you’ll be given an option to “Start Over”.

Catch-up TV allows customers that missed a TV show to view this back on demand. You have up to 7 days to watch the content you have missed on TV.

Click on Menu on your remote and select What’s On; there, you will find Catch Up TV.

Start viewing live TV shows from the beginning.

• Press the “i” button and then click on Start Over.
• To go back to live TV, press the back button and then press OK.

To set up parental control:
- Click on Menu on your remote control.
- Go to settings and select Age Rating.
- Choose from the age rating list and press ok to save.

To block a channel,
In settings, click on channel lock and choose which program or channel you would like to block from the channel list.

Download the SETAR Home Internet app to manage your Wi-Fi usage.

My Network
In my Network, you can view the different Wi-Fi components that creates the Mesh Network. You can see if all Set-top Boxes (STB) are online and monitor the connected devices to each Set-top Box (STB).

Guest Password
You can set up a guest password easily via the SETAR Home Internet app to avoid sharing your home Wi-Fi password.

Parental Control
For better Wi-Fi usage control, you can set parental controls for different devices (smartphone, laptop, or tablet). Via the app you can monitor the usage of each device register to the Network. You can set the dates and time when you want to restrict a device from connecting to the Wi-Fi.

Energy Saver
The SETAR Home Internet app also gives you the option to control your energy consumption by deactivating your Wi-Fi when not in use.

Get more from your IPTV service by downloading the SETAR Live App, available on iOS and Android, and starts enjoying your favorite shows from your Smartphone, Tablet, or laptop.

Follow these steps to get connected:
• To use the SETAR Live App, you must be connected to the IPTV Wi-Fi Set Top Box (Airties*) at home.
• To login into the app, use your MiSETAR username and password.

You can only stream the TV channels when connected to your IPTV Wi-Fi mesh network.

* Download the Airties app on iOS and Android to control and personalize your Internet connection at home.

With the SETAR Home Internet App, you can control your Wi-Fi connection at home. The App is a tool to help you monitor and manage your network.

- Energy savings, Turn off your Wi-Fi when you are not at home.
- Parental control, Set restriction on Internet use on your kids device at a certain time.
- Create a Guest Wi-Fi Password.
- Better Wi-Fi coverage and more.
- Keep track of your Data usage.
- View connected devices at home.

With the SETAR Live App, you will receive access to the TV guide to stream over 80 channels from any device. In addition, you can record and view shows later from any device or TV.

- Stream TV from any device.
- 80 channels to stream from.
- Record your show and watch it later.

To access the SETAR Home Internet App and SETAR Live App, you must activate your IPTV account in MiSETAR.
Follow these steps:
• Login to your MiSETAR account.
• Click on the TV tab and select your account number linked to the IPTV service.
• Click on the orange button (Activate) to activate your IPTV account.
• Enter your MiSETAR password to confirm.

You will have to register if you still need to get a MiSETAR account. Follow this link that will help you with the registration.

SETAR Wi-Fi Mesh Network is a new system that includes multiple devices that are connected on one seamless Network creating a Mesh Network. This system consists of several network components namely Wi-Fi Access Points (AP) and Wi-Fi Set-Top Boxes (STB). These interconnected components reinforce the Wi-Fi signal, giving you more stable and better Wi-Fi coverage throughout your house.

Benefits of the Wi-Fi Mesh:
• Higher Internet speeds.
• Increased stability.
• Better Wi-Fi coverage.
• Control over your Wi-Fi Network with the SETAR Home Internet App.

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) delivers television content over Internet Protocol networks, compared to traditional cable television formats or satellite TV. In addition, the IPTV User Interface offers new customer benefits, such as Catch Up TV, where you can go up to 7 days back to watch missed shows. Start Over, where you can view shows and movies from the beginning, Personalize your content and profile and stream your TV content on any device.
The IPTV service uses the Wi-Fi Mesh Network, which provides the customers with more Stabil Internet coverage at home, and can connect the customer with HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coax) or FTH (Fiber to the Home) Internet solutions.
Digital Cable still uses the traditional cable tv formats (coax), providing SD and HD channels. IPTV delivers what customers want most from high-end home TV with HD premium channels via Internet.

Benefits of IPTV:
• A complete new experience in TV usage and viewing.
• Personalize your profile and customize your language guide to English, Papiamento or Dutch.
• Stream whenever you want from wherever you are using your SETAR Live app on your smartphone or tablet.

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