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Pick & Choose allows you to customize your Home Services separately or bundle them up for more benefits. With Pick & Choose, you are now able to choose from our three primary Home Services: TV, Internet, and/or Voice. You can either pick a combination of two services with a special discount or purchase each service separately depending on your needs.

The options you can choose from with Pick & Choose are:
Internet +TV
Internet + Voice
TV+ Voice

Note: You can select Internet, TV, or Voice services separately based on your needs. You also have the flexibility to combine your preferred services and receive discounts.

The discount you receive depends on how you combine your selected home services. If you choose more than one service, you become eligible for discounts.

Here are the specific discount amounts for different combinations:

Services Discount
Internet & Voice Afl. 7
TV & Voice Afl. 10
Internet & TV Afl. 34

Yes, bundling 3 Home Services is called SETAR Complete. Our SETAR Complete packages are composed of different TV, Internet, and Voice packages and provide additional benefits and enhanced features. Check out our SETAR Complete page to find the package that is right for you.

Some benefits include:
- Better Internet speed
- Free voice minutes
- More TV channels
- Add-ons options

Bundling 3 home services is called SETAR Complete. Our SETAR Complete packages offer a better value and more benefits than choosing separate services. Additional discounts are not given for SETAR Complete packages since these already offer the best pricing available.

Yes, as a current SETAR Customer with any home service(s), you can switch to “Pick & Choose” and select any combination of home service(s), or only one service such as Internet, TV, and/or Voice. This way you can customize your subscription by choosing the service(s) that best suits your needs.

If you choose to switch to “Pick & Choose” from your current SETAR Services, it is important to note that the package price for “Pick & Choose” may be different from what you are currently paying. You can use the composer on our Online Store to calculate your monthly fee.

Note: It is recommended that you carefully review the pricing details and package options available with Pick & Choose.

Pick & Choose offers our customers the best TV experience with our IPTV packages. IPTV is the future when it comes to any TV experience. Our older Digital Cable plans will not be offered with Pick & Choose. For more information, please download the IPTV lineup on our website. Click here to view the IPTV Channel Lineup.

When transitioning to IPTV you will NOT lose any of your existing channels, but you will have a different lineup (channel numbers). IPTV utilizes internet technology to provide a wide range of channels and features, offering a more interactive and customizable viewing experience. For more information, please download the IPTV lineup on our website. Click here to view the IPTV Channel Lineup.

No, instead of offering the Basic IPTV package, Pick & Choose customers are automatically upgraded to the Extended Basic package for only Afl.73

If you decide to switch to an Internet only package, please do not remove or touch the boxes yourself. Instead, visit a Teleshop or call for more information on what to do.

A technician will analyze the situation and provide guidance on the installation/disconnection process if needed. Disconnecting the boxes without proper knowledge and guidance can disrupt the functionality of your service and may require technical intervention to restore it.

SETAR Wi-Fi Mesh Network is a new system that includes multiple devices connected on one seamless Network creating a Mesh Network. This system consists of several network components: Wi-Fi Access Points (AP) and Wi-Fi Set-Top Boxes (STB). These interconnected components reinforce the Wi-Fi signal, giving you more stable and better Wi-Fi coverage throughout your house.

Benefits of the Wi-Fi Mesh:
• Higher Internet speeds.
• Increased stability.
• Better Wi-Fi coverage.

When moving to a new address you will be offered our Pick & Choose packages with new pricing. Keeping your existing services will no longer be possible.

Upgrading Aruba to Fiber is an ongoing project with its own separate schedule. If you already have a Fiber connection at home, you will continue to have Fiber Internet. However, if you are connected through Coax cable, you will NOT automatically be switched to Fiber Internet when you apply for Pick & Choose.

Everyone is eligible to receive gigabit speeds no matter whether you have a Coax Cable or Fiber network. You can explore the gigabit packages available with Pick & Choose.

Yes, all customers are eligible for the Internet Gig or SETAR Complete Prime package. However, we highly recommend you contact SETAR directly before applying for these packages. A SETAR agent will be able to provide you with more information.

Register via our Online Store; Visit, and follow the steps or visit one of our Teleshops for further personal assistance.

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