Wireless Home Internet

Share and connect with your friends everywhere you go, now with more data and speed.

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Postpaid Plans

Enjoy your tablet, laptop, or smartphone to the fullest when using the Internet with faster upload and download speeds. Our LTE Wireless Home Internet plans offer you a lower latency rate, meaning websites loads faster, YouTube does not pause every five seconds, and apps download at a higher speed, all using your MiFi device.

Why Choose Postpaid:

  • Be free
    You are your own Hotspot; you are not bound to your home or a Wi-Fi Hotspot for an Internet connection.
  • Be more productive
    With faster speeds and improved latency, Wireless Home Internet gives you more possibilities for an enhanced mobile experience.
  • Convenient
    Enjoy high Internet speed wherever you go.
  • Different choices
    Choose from several different Postpaid plans.
  • Postpaid add-on
    Buy extra data with Wireless Home Internet add-ons if your data ends before the end of the month via the SETAR App.


  • 300 GB

  • Afl143monthly
  • Download (approx.) 120 Mbps
  • Upload (approx.) 20 Mbps


  • 450 GB

  • Afl205monthly
  • Download (approx.) 120 Mbps
  • Upload (approx.) 20 Mbps
Wireless Home Internet Postpaid Add-on
10 GB Afl. 15

Prepaid Plans

Enjoy the fastest speeds with our Wireless Home Internet Prepaid plans without worrying about additional charges. It is easy to use and access. Choose the bundle that suits your budget and needs.

Why choose Prepaid:

  • Freedom
    Use as little or as much as you like.
  • No additional fees
    Buy the data that suits your Internet usage habits.
  • No contract
    No need to sign up for a contract.
  • Different choices
    SETAR offers 3 Prepaid Wireless Home Internet Plans depending on the project or needs you have for the month.

1 day

  • 10 GB

  • Afl10
  • Download/upload (approx.) 120/20 Mbps
  • Expiry after 10 GB or
    24 hours

1 week

  • 50 GB

  • Afl35
  • Download/upload (approx.) 120/20 Mbps
  • Expiry after 50 GB or
    7 days

30 days

  • 75 GB

  • Afl100
  • Download/upload (approx.) 120/20 Mbps
  • Expiry after 75 GB or
    30 days
  • The service of LTE Wireless Home Internet Prepaid Plan goes into effect as soon as the very first time you start using it. Even though you don’t make any further use of the LTE service, the validity of the card goes into effect the first time you use the service. To recharge your Prepaid Wireless Home Internet, you can purchase credit through the SETAR App or click to go to our Online Store. A credit card is required for purchases made through the online store.

Frequently asked questions Internet

For a Cablenet plan you just need an active Digital Cable subscription.

SETAR can provide you with the Wi-Fi & Home Network Optimization Service. With this service a technician will come and assess your current situation at home. We will then make recommendations as to how a home network can best be set up. We might advise you to buy an extender which will improve the strength of the signal.

The Wi-Fi & Home Network Optimization Service costs Afl. 80.
The extender costs Afl. 11 per month.


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