Postpaid Regular Add-ons

ico-surfenmailSurf & Mail Add-on

Want to enjoy high speed LTE data on your phone? Facebook, Whatsapp and stream music for only Afl. 53 on top of your Postpaid Regular Plan.

ico-surfenmailData Add-on

Reached your Data limit? We got your back! Buy Add-on Data of 5 GB whenever you reach your regular Data limit.

Already at your data limit?

We got your back! Purchase 5 GB as many times as you like, to the end of the month.
Purchase by calling *123#, in the SETAR App, the Online Store,, or via our SETAR Teleshop.


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Frequently asked questions Mobile

To see your remaining credit please dial *123# and follow the menu.

You can do this by dialing *123# on the device and following the menu, or you can use the SETAR App or App to purchase.

No, this is not possible. However if you've exhausted your Data Allowance, we do have Postpaid Data Add-on Bundles available. Click here for more info.


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