Corporate Internet

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Corporate Internet

Web browsing, online applications, online commerce, social media, voice over the Internet, video conferencing, and other needs are all-dependent on the use of the Internet. SETAR Corporate Internet is a premium service with different options to fit the needs of your organization. All Corporate Internet connections are based on Ethernet Virtual Private Network (EVPN) and come standard with one fixed IP address. More IP addresses available upon request.

We offer two types of service: Basic and Premium.

Corporate Internet Basic

  • Provides an Internet bandwidth that is shared with other customers, and therefore the speed in Mbps is a standard value, but not guaranteed.
  • Bandwidth is available with speeds starting at 200 Mbps.

Corporate Internet Premium

  • Provides a guaranteed bandwidth with Internet traffic routed through the EVPN network at a high priority.
  • Bandwidth is available with speeds starting at 125 Mbps.

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