Local & International Leased Lines

Make your connectivity more efficient and easier to manage with our reliable, flexible and private data networks.

Local Leased Lines

Connect your branches with your main office with the latest in network solutions: Ethernet Virtual Private Network (EVPN) technology.
The network solution will provide connectivity for the Voice over IP solution and for the data connectivity needs of your organization. SETAR will design a network based on your needs, and provide connectivity for both voice and data solutions. The flexibility of the EVPN solution is that, with one infrastructure, one can have the virtual separation of the voice over IP and data network where one can maintain the necessary security of both networks separated. The Internet Connection can be configured on the same EVPN platform.

International Leased Lines

For organizations that operate internationally and have high traffic between overseas sites, SETAR offers International Leased Lines. The International Leased Lines can be used for voice, video and mission-critical applications.

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