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Yes. MiSETAR customers with Aruba Bank Text Banking are able to pay their bills using the pay with Aruba Bank feature in MiSETAR. For instructions on how to activate and use the service please view the 'Payments in MiSETAR' FAQ below.

If you are not an Aruba Bank customer then you can bring the digital version of your bill to any SETAR Teleshop and pay at our Self Service Kiosk or allow one of our customer service representatives to assist, or print your bill through MiSETAR and pay this at your preferred bank, via your banks online banking platform or government auxiliary office.

Your monthly subscription costs are billed beforehand for the month that follows, and the actual usage is billed the month after.

At a Government auxiliary office (Hulpsbestuurkantoor):
All these offices are able to accept payments for SETAR services. To make payments for any SETAR service please be sure to bring your invoice with you.

At a bank:
All commercial banks in Aruba accept payments for SETAR services. You can make payments easily using the online banking service offered by your bank.

Another easy way to make payments is by applying for automatic payment (Direct Debit) via a SETAR Teleshop, or by requesting a Standing order at the bank or to make monthly transfers. Payments can also be made at any teller at the bank.

At a SETAR Teleshop:
You can make payments at any SETAR Teleshop. View our contact page for information about our Teleshop locations and hours of operation.

Through online banking:
Please contact your bank for further questions and help with their online banking service.


As soon as the payment due date has passed, your service can be suspended temporarily until your payment obligations have been met. Resumption of services requires proof of payment on the bill(s) in question.
SETAR will charge a sum of Afl. 15 on the next bill in order to cover the administration cost incurred by late payments.

If after the service has been temporarily disconnected, the account remains unpaid, SETAR in its sole discretion will permanently disconnect the service. After you make all the necessary payments, you may reapply, for the reconnection of service, at any SETAR Teleshop. Reconnection costs will be incurred.

If the bank returns a signed check as a result of insufficient funds, you will be charged Afl. 40 (for each check), and the service will remain disconnected.

You can pay in cash (Aruban florins, US Dollars), and credit and debit cards in the Teleshops. Of course, we accept SETAR gift cards as well.

With Standing Orders, your chosen bank will make a fixed payment. The amount will be the same each month, while your invoice may vary from month to month depending on the usage. If you apply for a Standing Order with a value of, for example, Afl. 150,- and your invoice that month is Afl. 156,-, only Afl. 150,- will be paid on that invoice.

This will result in an outstanding balance of Afl. 6,- which you will not receive a notification of, and can lead to a penalty fee. Furthermore, if the  outstanding balance goes unnoticed and is not paid, your service can be disconnected. This is not the case with Direct Debit.

You can do this in the following two ways:

  1. Preferred method: By asking for Direct Debit at one of the SETAR Teleshops. Customers with an Aruba Bank or Banco di Caribe N.V. account can apply for direct debit at any Teleshop. This means that the amount on the bill is deducted every month in full.
  2. By giving the bank your customer number. In this case, they will arrange everything for you.

Your customer number can be found between the 2 dashes at the top of the bill.

These letters stand for the services you buy via SMS, such as news reports, etc.

This is done every month within 1 to 2 weeks of a payment due date being missed.

To ensure that you can pay your bills on time and to avoid having to pay a late fee, you can:

  • Preferred method: Sign up for MiSETAR. MiSETAR gives you an overview of all your bills and usage details.
  • Activate the SMS notification option in MiSETAR. You will receive an SMS when your bill becomes available, specifying the amount payable.
  • Contact our Customer Service at 114 and request your bill.

Yes, that's possible if you have an outstanding balance. In order to setup a payment plan you need to visit our Teleshop in Seroe Blanco. Please be sure have you the following documents with you:

  • Valid identification (ID card, driver’s license or passport),
  • A copy of your last payslip,
  • Your ID number (“persoonsnummer”).

That depends on the date you signed the contract. You need to pay each bill before the due date which is specified on your invoice. In some instances, for example if you’ve signed up for a service close to the end of the month, you may receive a higher bill because of the time overlap.

The payment due date is specified on the bill. If you pay after this due date you will receive a late fee charge of Afl. 16 for every bill which is not paid on time.

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