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For a Cablenet plan you just need an active Digital Cable subscription.

SETAR can provide you with the Wi-Fi & Home Network Optimization Service. With this service a technician will come and assess your current situation at home. We will then make recommendations as to how a home network can best be set up. We might advise you to buy an extender which will improve the strength of the signal.

The Wi-Fi & Home Network Optimization Service costs Afl. 80.
The extender costs Afl. 11 per month.

Wireless Broadband is a wireless Internet solution that works via the LTE network on your mobile phone. You can connect to Internet everywhere on Aruba.

You can do this at our main office in Seroe Blanco. It will take about 5 working days to have your request approved and for installation on our web server. One of our customer service representatives will then contact you to go through the rest of the process.

A Mi-Fi hotspot allows you to connect several Wi-Fi devices (laptop/tablet, smartphone, etc.) at any one time to the Internet, wherever you are. Our Mi-Fi hotspot enables you be online in your car, at a café, restaurant or on the beach. It’s also the easiest and most convenient device to carry with you being that it is smaller than a deck of cards.

SETAR LTE is Aruba’s only, fastest and most reliable LTE network. Our LTE Mi-Fi hotspot is easy to use and with more than double the bandwidth, higher peak speeds and a larger capacity than other providers, there's lots to enjoy.

Tip: Always protect your LTE Mi-Fi hotspot with a password.

There are many factors that can affect your Mi-Fi Connection. Any questions you have can best be answered by calling our Internet helpdesk at 5834000.

If it's a prepaid service, it might be that the Mi-Fi's SIM is not activated. You can solve this by inserting the SIM card into a mobile phone and making a single call so that the SIM card is activated. If that isn’t the case then perhaps there is another APN set up in the Mi-Fi device.

Follow instructions:

New LTE Installation Guide

LTE Mi-Fi Installation Guide

DSL technology has reached its peak and because of this we can no longer offer higher speeds, Cablenet however, does support this speed increase.

There are different ways to test your Internet speed. We recommend visiting Speedtest and following the steps on this site. The optimum Internet speed that your device can reach is dependent on several external factors, such as the age of your device, your location etc. Certain older devices can only support a certain speed.

Yes, a Fixed Line is required when using DSL.

There are various reasons why DSL service may have stopped working. Please try the following:

1. Remove the electrical plug from the modem and wait one minute before plugging it back in.
2. Check to see if the light indicating DSL, PPP and Broadband is green on the modem.

  • If the green light is blinking:
    Check the telephone line that leads from the modem to the wall and see if it passes through a splitter or if it goes direct;
    If it passes through a splitter, remove the splitter and instead make it a direct connection.
  • If the green light continues to blink this means that the problem is with the “Line Sync”.  Contact the Internet Helpdesk at 5834000.  If the light remains constantly lit, continue on:
    Wait one minute to see if the modem is connected. If it is not connected then the modem must be reconfigured. Contact our Internet Helpdesk at 5834000 so they can guide you through the configuration process or, to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians.

This can occur if the DSL filter hasn’t been (properly) installed on your telephone line(s).
Check that all plugs are attached to the filter and/or that the filter is properly connected in the wall outlet.
If you still need help, please contact our Internet Helpdesk at 5834000

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