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If you would like to register for MiSETAR please complete the form below in it's entirety, and one of our Customer Service representatives will send you a link to complete your registration within 3-5 business days.  Please make sure to attach a copy of your Valid I.D. or this form will not be processed.

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    If you still can't open your bill, please contact our Customer Service at 114 or

    If you've purchased an upgrade or bundle in MiSETAR by mistake, we would advise you to contact our call center on 114 as soon as possible. They will be pleased to help you.

    With TV Everywhere (TVE) you can watch your favorite shows anywhere on Aruba on your laptop, tablet or smartphone using the apps from SETAR Live, ESPN Play, Total Guide xD and many others. You will need some form of Internet connection, either Wi-Fi or mobile Internet. TV Everywhere is an additional service for your Digital Cable plan that does not cost anything extra. To activate and configure your TVE account, you need to have a MiSETAR account. Follow these steps:

    • Log in to your MiSETAR profile.
    • Click on your account number.
    • Select the IPTV service tab.
    • Click on “Activate TVE” button.
    • Once activated, download and install the TVE app.
    • Log in to your TVE app with your MiSETAR credentials (user name/password).
    • Go to MiSETAR.
    • Log in with your user name and password.
    • Once you are logged in, click on account management.
    • For bill preference choose online only and follow the steps on the screen
    • With online only you will always receive your bill on time.

    You can also retrieve all your old bills and print these out. What's more, you're doing your bit for the environment.

    Receive your bill notification now quicker than ever with the MiSETAR SMS Service.

    • Login to MiSETAR and Click on My Profile in the top right corner.
    • Where it says SMS Notification make sure this is set to enabled.
    • Once enabled you’ll receive your invoice amount and due date for all your SETAR services.

    It’s Quick, Easy and Free. Make sure that your Primary mobile number is set to the SETAR number you wish to receive the SMS notification on. This can also be done in the My Profile page.

    You will find the following link on the MiSETAR log-in / registration page: ‘reset your password’. Click on the link and follow the steps on the next page.

    The main benefits of MiSETAR are:

    • View all your SETAR Services.
    • Add or purchase add-on bundles for your services.
    • View and print your invoices and payments.
    • Connect and monitor your mobile prepaid number in MiSETAR.
    • Access MiSETAR from any Internet enabled device.
    • Request your PUK code.
    • Request status of your service (handset repair, service interruption)

    The email sometimes ends up in your junk mail folder. Please check this first.
    Still not working? Then give our call Customer Service a call at 114 or visit one of our Teleshops. Our staff will be pleased to help you.

    Your code can be found at the bottom of the your monthly bill. You can also ask for it when visiting any SETAR Teleshop. Do not forget to take valid identification document with you.
    Are you not the main user? Then make sure you have a letter of authorization from the main user and a copy of a valid identification document of the main user with you when visiting a SETAR Teleshop.


    Your account will stay active until you yourself delete your services. If we see that you have deleted your details, we will set your account to non-active. If you want to sign in again, you will have to re-register.

    (International) clients that do not have access to their SETAR invoices and are unable to visit a SETAR Teleshop can contact our customer service at where one of our representatives will help you with the registration process.

    To create your MiSETAR account follow these steps:

    Tip: Have your 12-digit code and your latest invoice ready before you begin the registration process - This code can be found in the footer of your bill or be obtained at any SETAR Teleshop.

    • Go to MiSETAR.
    • Click on register.
    • Follow the three steps
    • To finalize registration, you will receive an email to validate your registration.
    • Once the validation is done, you can sign in with your username and password.
    • Should you encounter any problems or need help registering your MiSETAR account, then visit any SETAR Teleshop or send an email to and we will be happy to assist you.

    Go to MiSETAR and log in with your current user name and password.
    Once you are logged in, follow these steps:

    • Go to my profile (top right).
    • Click on the login tab.
    • Enter your current and new password.
    • Press save changes.
    • Your new password is now active.

    Login to MiSETAR and click on the account on which you want to perform the upgrade (for postpaid accounts) or purchase (for prepaid accounts). Below my subscriptions, select upgrade or purchase for postpaid accounts & for prepaid select buy. Select your package and confirm.

    To add another account to your MiSETAR account, log in to MiSETAR and follow these steps:

    Click on account management and then add account.
    Follow further instructions to add the account. You are only allowed to add an account that is registered under the same name and address as the main account holder. If you want to add an account that is not under your name, you and the other account holder need to visit a SETAR Teleshop with both valid ID’s to link your accounts. The account holder may also authorize you to add his/her account. In order to do this you need to bring:

    A valid copy of your ID to one of our Teleshops.
    A valid copy of the account holders ID.
    An authorization form signed by the account holder authorizing you to add their account to your MiSETAR profile.

    Yes. MiSETAR customers with Aruba Bank Text Banking are able to pay their bills using the pay with Aruba Bank feature in MiSETAR. For instructions on how to activate and use the service please view the 'Payments in MiSETAR' FAQ below.

    If you are not an Aruba Bank customer then you can bring the digital version of your bill to any SETAR Teleshop and pay at our Self Service Kiosk or allow one of our customer service representatives to assist, or print your bill through MiSETAR and pay this at your preferred bank, via your banks online banking platform or government auxiliary office.

    Yes, as long as you can access the Internet with the device. MiSETAR can be opened using any browser.

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    Payments in MiSETAR

    In order to use the payment option in MiSETAR you will need the following:

    - An active MiSETAR profile
    - An active mobile number on which you’re using Aruba Bank Text Banking with you (in order to receive the SMS confirmation)
    - You must be registered to Aruba Bank Text Banking with a mobile number
    - You must have your Aruba Bank account number on hand

    Please watch the video below for information on how to link your Aruba Bank Text Banking and enable payments in MiSETAR.

    Once you’ve made a payment in MiSETAR and received a success confirmation that means that the payment has been registered by our system. Please allow up to 48 hours for these changes to reflect in your profile. For any questions please contact our Contact Center at 114

    If you’ve received a notification that your payment was unsuccessful, means that there might be an error or inconsistency in your bank information or payment. Please contact Aruba Bank at 527-7700 for more information.

    Currently it’s only possible to activate Text Banking for one MiSETAR profile at a time. As long as the accounts you’re trying to pay are in the same MiSETAR profile then you can pay multiple accounts. If your accounts are registered under two MiSETAR profiles you will have to deactivate and reactivate on the second profile to enable this feature.

    Visit one of Aruba Bank’s branches, fill out a form with the mobile number you wish to activate the service with.

    Yes, all clients that have an active MiSETAR profile and Aruba Bank Text Banking can use this option to pay their SETAR bills.

    This means that you have a credit on your account. Please contact our Contact Center at 114 for more information.