Corporate SMS

Use text messaging as a marketing tool for existing and potential customers

Corporate SMS

Our Corporate SMS services provide you with an additional platform to reach, and remain, in continuous contact with your customers. Customers with a mobile number can request information via short code, respond quickly to marketing campaigns your business initiates, receive monthly specials and more. We offer three Premium SMS options that will suite your business needs.

Premium SMS options:

  • Easy SMS: The perfect solution for SMS marketing campaigns, SMS voting campaigns, news updates and more. Users can 'opt in' for a defined fee per SMS and are then able to receive news, updates and/or cast votes via SMS messaging.
  • Bulk SMS: The easy solution to keep your customers informed, interested, and bring an overall, positive added value to your customers experience. With Bulk SMS you buy a bulk bundle of SMS messages each month,however you will only be charged for the SMS messages you use. The higher the volume of SMS messages used, the lower the cost per SMS for your business. You can then use these SMS messages to send to customers on your 'opt in' list at no charge to them.
  • Mobile Payment Solution: With Mobile Payment Solution making payments is as easy as turning on your mobile phone. Mobile Payment Solution enables customers to pay for services using their mobile phone plan.

How does it work?

  • In order to subscribe to SMS campaigns, customers must send the text message, usually ‘ON’, to an abbreviated code (Short code) with which they agree to pay a fee per SMS to be subscribed to your SMS campaign. From that moment on, you can inform them via text message about your promotion, specials, campaigns, news and more.
  • For businesses with Bulk SMS, customers can ‘opt in’ to send/receive promotions, additional service information, campaigns, updates and more at no cost to them.

The main rules when using Corporate SMS:

You must specify exactly how customers can subscribe and unsubscribe. This is usually done by sending the text message ‘OFF’. SETAR does not allow or condone spamming and/or misuse of its SMS services.

Product Disclaimer Notice

For more information about Corporate SMS & Bulk SMS, please contact our Corporate Sales Department at the email below.


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