icon-cablenetFastest Home Internet plans

With SETAR Cablenet Internet plans you are assured of the fastest and most reliable Internet service.
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Wireless Broadband

More Data & Speed On The Go
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Wireless broadband

LTE Mi-Fi Hotspot

SETAR LTE is Aruba’s only, its fastest and its most reliable LTE network.
Our LTE Mi-Fi hotspot is easy to use and with more than double the bandwidth, higher peak speeds and a larger capacity than other providers, there's lots to enjoy.

Tip: Protect your LTE Mi-Fi hotspot with password so that the internet connection is only accessible to a few people.

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Wi-Fi & Home Network Optimization Service

Optimize Your Wi-Fi Coverage At Home

Our technicians would be happy to drop by to advise you on how to install and optimize your home network, for just Afl. 75. Want to be able to access your Wi-Fi internet anywhere in the house? With the MoCa Wi-Fi Extender, available for Afl. 10/month, you can boost your Wi-Fi signal at home.

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