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With our Internet plans you are assured of the fastest and most reliable Internet service.

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Digital Cable packages

We offer you six different Digital Cable Plans. Check them all out and choose the one that suits you best!

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SETAR Landlines

SETAR offers you a wide variety of Fixed Line Calling Plans. Whether you would like to enjoy the liberty of unlimited calling during nights and weekends or would rather have a basic subscription

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Wireless Broadband

LTE Mi-Fi Hotspot

Join the only LTE Network on Aruba with our Mi-Fi hotspot.
A pocket-size device offering more bandwidth, speed and performance on the go.

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TV Everywhere

Watch TV everywhere, even if you don’t have one!

TV Everywhere is a service that allows subscribers to access content on their device through an Internet connection, either live or on demand, based on their Digital Cable subscription package. Watch TV anywhere on the island at any time at no additional cost. The family of TV Everywhere currently consists of ESPN Play and Stingray Music App. To access ESPN Play, the subscriber must activate TV Everywhere on MiSETAR.

Note: Subscriber must have a Cable TV account registered under his MiSETAR account.


Watch live and on demand sports programs wherever there is an Internet connection on the island. Only available for Digital Cable subscribers. Activate TVEverywhere in MiSETAR and Download the app:


Stingray is an extension of the music channels on Digital Cable (450-599) that offers all types of music genres, all day, all time. Click HERE for instructions on how to activate the account.