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Participate to win Afl. 5000 in our Dance Challenge!

Enter here: SETAR DANCE


Surprise bo valentine cu un iPhone SE y un dinner for two.

Busca bo iPhone SE pa Afl.209 den 3 pago cu renobacion di bo pakete di Hybrid, ricibi dobel data y participa pa gana un dinner for 2 cu cada compra di un cellular sea den Prepaid, Postpaid of Hybrid.

*Oferta ta valido dia 7 di februari te cu 14 di februari 2017.

Get the AKUA EK4 now and receive a FREE Carnaval T-Shirt!

*Offer valid while supplies last

Busca e AKUA EK4 awor y ricibi un Carnaval T-Shirt GRATIS!

*Oferta ta valido tanten tin den stock.

Get your Carnaval Tanktop or T-Shirt at any SETAR Teleshop before their gone for only Afl. 15

Busca bo Carnaval Tanktop of T-Shirt na cualkier SETAR Teleshop prome cu nan caba pa solamente Afl.15