Download the SETAR Home Internet app to manage your Wi-Fi usage.

My Network
In my Network, you can view the different Wi-Fi components that creates the Mesh Network. You can see if all Set-top Boxes (STB) are online and monitor the connected devices to each Set-top Box (STB).

Guest Password
You can set up a guest password easily via the SETAR Home Internet app to avoid sharing your home Wi-Fi password.

Parental Control
For better Wi-Fi usage control, you can set parental controls for different devices (smartphone, laptop, or tablet). Via the app you can monitor the usage of each device register to the Network. You can set the dates and time when you want to restrict a device from connecting to the Wi-Fi.

Energy Saver
The SETAR Home Internet app also gives you the option to control your energy consumption by deactivating your Wi-Fi when not in use.