IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) delivers television content over Internet Protocol networks, compared to traditional cable television formats or satellite TV. In addition, the IPTV User Interface offers new customer benefits, such as Catch Up TV, where you can go up to 7 days back to watch missed shows. Start Over, where you can view shows and movies from the beginning, Personalize your content and profile and stream your TV content on any device.
The IPTV service uses the Wi-Fi Mesh Network, which provides the customers with more Stabil Internet coverage at home, and can connect the customer with HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coax) or FTH (Fiber to the Home) Internet solutions.
Digital Cable still uses the traditional cable tv formats (coax), providing SD and HD channels. IPTV delivers what customers want most from high-end home TV with HD premium channels via Internet.

Benefits of IPTV:
• A complete new experience in TV usage and viewing.
• Personalize your profile and customize your language guide to English, Papiamento or Dutch.
• Stream whenever you want from wherever you are using your SETAR Live app on your smartphone or tablet.