It is of great importance for Servicio di Telecomunicacion di Aruba (SETAR) N.V.
(hereinafter: “SETAR”) to ensure that you can enjoy a reliable communication. This also
applies to the way SETAR handles your personal and telecommunication traffic data.

SETAR treats your data with great care, safeguards telephone confidentiality and ensures
that your data is processed in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable to
the protection of your personal privacy, in particular the Personal Data Protection Act (
Landsverordening Persoonsgegevens). This Privacy Statement applies to all our
customers who purchase fixed-line telephony, mobile telephony, Internet or TV from
SETAR, as well as to all users of the website of SETAR. SETAR reserves the right to amend
the Privacy Statement at any time. Because of the nature of our services, we at SETAR
have some of your data at our disposal. Below you can find information what data
SETAR processes and for which purposes SETAR does so.

What data does SETAR process?
Personal data is all data that can be traced to individual natural persons. Personal data
can be subdivided in user data, location data and traffic data.

User data
You may be asked by SETAR to provide user data such as, but not limited to, your name,
address, bank account number, email address, fixed and mobile telephone number, fax
number, ID number, gender, marital status and birth date when you sign up as a
customer of SETAR. When you create an account on the website of SETAR, SETAR can
request you to provide a password and username. SETAR will process this data.

Location data
The network of SETAR detects your mobile device’s approximate location whenever it is
turned on. This location technology may be used by SETAR to provide location-based
services to you such as for example applications for mobile telephony. The data about
your location is referred to as location data.

Traffic data
When you use your fixed-line or mobile telephone, other mobile device or use the
Internet, SETAR ‘carries’ your information. This data is called the traffic data and is
processed by SETAR. It concerns data related to for example the time and duration of
the use of a connection, the called number, surfing behavior on the Internet or your IP

Why does SETAR process your data?
SETAR will process the following data: your user, traffic and location data for a variety of
business purposes, including but not limited to, deliver the services, invoice for the
services and products, respond to malfunctions or complaints, make internal strategic
plans on current and future offers and verify your identity and creditworthiness. This
data is important for SETAR so that SETAR can be able to provide its services. Personal
information may also be disclosed to third parties who complete transactions or
perform services on the behalf of SETAR (marketing, billing, shipping, customer service
etc.) or transfers related to your service. By contract SETAR limits the manner in which
these third parties may use and disclose personal information about you without your

Marketing, Marketing research and sales activities
For marketing, marketing research and sales activities SETAR processes your user, traffic
and location data. Your data may be processed in order to provide you with offers from
SETAR, in writing, by telephone or electronically (this includes via email and SMS ).
SETAR may give out personal data to third parties to process these within the framework
of attracting people for commercial, non-commercial, and charity purposes of SETAR,
unless you have announced to object to this. SETAR wants to provide you with the best
possible choices regarding our marketing communications and you may choose to limit
or opt-out of certain electronic communications from SETAR at any time. While you may
elect not to receive marketing information from SETAR, if you subscribe to our services
or buy our products, you will continue to receive invoices, customer-service and
transactional notices, and similar communications. Not all marketing communications
you receive on your device are sent or authorized by SETAR. When you provide your
mobile number or other contact information to others, you may receive unwanted calls,
text messages, or emails on your device.

Legal obligations
SETAR could by law be obliged to store your user, traffic and location data and in some
cases provide it to third parties such as for example in the event of a criminal
investigation when data has to be provided to the competent authorities or when SETAR
has to provide personal data to the regulator pursuant to the operating license.
Telephone directory, subscriber information
SETAR processes your user data for publishing (electronic or otherwise) telephone
directories and providing subscriber information. This so-called directory information
may be provided to third parties who make available such directories and subscriber
information services.

Billing purposes
Your traffic data, location data and user data will be processed by SETAR to invoice for
the delivered services. On the specification of the invoice the date, time and number
called will be visible.

Collection purposes
In the event you do not comply with your payment obligations SETAR may process your
user data and traffic data and provide it to third parties for collection purposes.

Number information
In order to be able to provide its services over its network and other providers networks
SETAR processes your number information .

Limitation of usage
SETAR processes your traffic data in order to monitor your usage. SETAR is entitled to
limit your usage of the services if it ascertains the usage is exorbitant. SETAR strives to
inform you of its intention to limit your usage in advance.

Third party applications
You may give your consent for a third party to access certain information you have
stored on your device, when you install third party applications on your device. You may
also give your consent for a third party to access information stored on SETAR’s network
to facilitate the application’s functions. In either case, the manner in which such third
parties may use, share, or disclose such information is governed by the terms and
conditions and the privacy policy of these third parties.

How long does SETAR keep your data?
SETAR keeps your data no longer than is legally permitted and necessary for achieving
the purposes for which the data is being processed. In the case of the mandatory
storage of personal and telecommunication traffic data, SETAR keeps your data for no
longer than the period prescribed by law or necessary for business purposes.

Security of your data
SETAR makes sure that appropriate organizational, technical and physical security is in
place for the systems in which we store your data. In this way SETAR ensures that your
data is accessible only to persons who are so authorized by virtue of their job and that
the data is used exclusively for the purposes for which it was obtained and for
compatible purposes.