Prepaid Roaming

All you need to know about Calling, SMS and Data Roaming.

Roaming allows you to use your mobile phone abroad while being billed by SETAR.

Before you go remember to:

  • Store your more frequently dialed numbers in the international format, e.g. +297 5820005
  • Save SETAR’s Customer Care number +287 5820005 in your phonebook

Data use when abroad

The use of data when abroad is not included in your prepaid data bundle. When you are abroad you are not using SETAR’s network, but the network of another international provider. Every time you Whatsapp, e-mail, use Facebook or any other Internet action, you are charged by the provider at your destination. This could incur significant charges. SETAR provides you with a variety of options to reduce data roaming expenses.

  • Whenever available, use Wi-Fi.
  • Be careful when streaming or sending video’s to social media sites or contacts.
  • Switch off automatic updates and synchronization on your phone.
  • Download an app to monitor your data usage. iPhone users can go to their general phone settings, press usage and then cellular usage. Android users can download My Data Manager from the Google Play Store.
  • If you want to switch off data roaming on your mobile phone, call *123#. This will de-activate all data traffic on your phone.

Calling when abroad

Charges for receiving and making calls when abroad will be deducted from your prepaid credit. If you receive a call you are charged for the international call from Aruba to the country where you are located.

Your caller, if calling from Aruba, is charged SETAR regular local rates. See below for an overview of our roaming rates

Prepaid Roaming Rates

Voice p/min SMS p/SMS Data p/MB
Destination To local To home To other Receiving To Send
USA 2.39 4.81 6.70 1.94 0.67 9.57
Curaçao, Bonaire, Saba, St. Maarten, St. Eustatius 0.98 0.98 2.13 Gratis 0.29 7.66
The Netherlands 2.39 4.81 6.70 1.93 0.67 9.57
Venezuela 2.39 4.81 6.70 1.93 0.67 19.15
Colombia 2.39 4.81 6.70 1.93 0.67 19.15
Rest of South America 2.39 5.74 6.70 1.93 0.67 28.72
Rest of Caribbean 2.39 5.74 6.70 1.93 0.67 28.72
Rest of the World 2.39 5.74 6.70 1.93 0.67 28.72