Digital Cable

Enhance your vision with more HD channels and an expanded lineup. Create your plan by mixing and matching your own tiers, choosing based on your preference.

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Digital Cable Plans

Digital Basic

  • Includes:Digital Basic----
  • 1 Standard Definition BoxOr choose a High Definition Box+ Afl. 11

Basic Mix

  • Includes:Digital BasicChoice of 2 Basic Tiers---
  • 1 Standard Definition BoxOr choose a High Definition Box+ Afl. 10

Basic Mix Plus One

  • Includes:Digital BasicChoice of 2 Basic Tiers Choice of 1 Premium Tier--
  • 1 High Definition Box- --

Premium Mix

  • Includes:Digital BasicChoice of 2 Premium Tiers---
  • 1 High Definition Box- --


  • Includes:Digital BasicChoice of 2 Basic TiersSports Premium HBO & MAX PremiumFOX+ Premium
  • 1 High Definition Box- --


  • Includes:Digital BasicAll Basic TiersAll Premium Tiers--
  • 2 High Definition BoxesOr choose a DVR+ Afl. 0

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Enhance your Digital Cable Experience with our additional Add-On Packages.

Indian Total Package

  • 231 Zee TV
    232 Zee Cinema
    233 AEP

Playboy Package

  • 500 Playboy TV

The Erotic Network

  • 505 XTSY
    506 REAL
    507 JUICY
    +TEN On Demand, Ch. 1

The Erotic Network Indiv.

  • 505 XTSY or,
    506 REAL or,
    507 JUICY

Fighting Sports Network

  • 120 FSN
    355 FSN HD

Digital Video Recorder

A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is a device that records video in a digital format to a memory within the device. DVR is very handy when you have missed a program or you want to see the program at a later time. You have easy access to features from a graphic selection screen on your TV. You can control your live TV by pressing “pause”, “rewind”, “play” and “live TV”, just like a standard VCR or DVD player.

This High Definition DVR is available for every Digital Cable package at an additional Afl.25 monthly or can be included in your Supreme Package. It requires a one-time deposit of Afl.100.

DVR Features:


  • Pause and time shift live TV programming
  • Dolby Digital Plus
  • High Definition
  • Two recording indicators

Digital Cable plans


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Video on demand

Video on demand is a service that allows you to order films or other programs through your TV or set-top box. Our VOD service offers customers an extensive catalog of films, documentaries, concerts, children’s programs and adult content. You can watch these programs whenever you want and as many times as you want within 24 hours.

To access VOD tune in to channel 1 or click on the VOD button on your remote.

TV Everywhere

Watch TV everywhere, even if you don’t have one!

Your favorite networks and shows are available for streaming on mobile devices as part of your Digital Cable subscription at no additional costs. Subscriber must use the MiSETAR credentials to access the TV Everywhere services available by SETAR.


Watch TV through Internet connection anywhere on the island. Only available for Digital Cable Subscribers.
Download the app:


Watch live and on demand sports programs wherever there is an Internet connection on the island. Only available for Digital Cable subscribers. Download the app:


Download the SETAR Guide app and enjoy the interactive and in-depth search of channels and programs available on SETAR Cable Services. SETAR Guide is available for all Digital Cable subscribers.

Frequently asked questions Digital Cable

With TV Everywhere (TVE) you can watch your favorite shows anywhere on Aruba on your laptop, tablet or smartphone using the apps from SETAR Live, ESPN Play, Total Guide xD and many others. You will need some form of Internet connection, either Wi-Fi or mobile Internet. TV Everywhere is an additioal service for your Digital Cable plan that does not cost anything extra. To activate and configure your TVE account, you need to have a MiSETAR account. Follow these steps:

  • Log in to your MiSETAR profile.
  • Click on your Cable TV account number.
  • Below the TV Everywhere settings tab, click on “Activate TVE”.
  • Once activated, choose your TV Everywhere rating and download and install the TVE app.
  • Log in to your TVE app with your MiSETAR credentials (user name/password).

You can return your Digital Cable box to any SETAR Teleshop. Do not forget to bring a valid identification document with you (ID card, driver's license or passport).

With Video On Demand (VOD) you can watch movies and other programs via your TV at your own convenience (within 24 hours of purchasing), without being tied to the normal television schedules. Movies, documentaries, concerts, children's programs, adult movies ... VOD has it. In order to purchase VOD programming you need to have a Digital Cable subscription.


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