Do you need more Wi-Fi coverage at home?

Or do you need help setting up your Smart TV or Gaming Console? Let us help.

Wi-Fi & Home Network Optimization Service

We assess your current situation at home, providing advice and equipment in order to give you the best setup for your home network. Want to be able to access your Wi-Fi anywhere in the house? With the MoCa Wi-Fi extender you can boost your Wi-Fi coverage.


  • Receive advice on the best solution for your home
  • Installation and configuration done by our certified SETAR technician
  • Option to expand your Wi-Fi coverage at home with our MoCA extender

Network Optimization


MoCa extender (Optional)

Watch this video for more info on the Moca Wi-Fi Extender:

Gaming Console or Smart TV

There are several possibilities for connecting your Gaming Console or Smart TV with your home network, this service offers you the best installation for the most reliable performance.


  • Professional installation and connection done by our certified SETAR technician
  • Get the right installation for an optimal experience
  • Prevent external factors from affecting your Internet performance

Gaming Console or Smart TV

  • Additional info:
    This service includes the installation and connection of one device. Either 1 Smart TV or 1 Apple TV or 1 Gaming Console.

Frequently asked questions Internet

There are many factors that can affect your Mi-Fi Connection. Any questions you have can best be answered by calling our Internet helpdesk at 5384000.

Wireless Broadband is a wireless Internet solution that works via the LTE network on your mobile phone. You can connect to Internet everywhere on Aruba.

You can do this at our main office in Seroe Blanco. It will take about 5 working days to have your request approved and for installation on our web server. One of our customer service representatives will then contact you to go through the rest of the process.


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