The SETAR Self Service Kiosk is a project where SETAR jointly with Aruba Bank and a Canadian Company worked together to develop a unique SETAR Self Service Kiosk where the customer can walk up to it, and make cash or debit card payments to their SETAR invoices or recharge their prepaid phones.

SETAR gives thanks to the Aruba Bank for believing in this project and for working together to make it a reality.

According to Marc Kwaad, Executive Director at Aruba Bank, in charge of technology and innovation: "Aruba Bank is a firm believer that through collaborative partnerships common goals can be successfully accomplished. We were glad to be able to support SETAR in their innovative efforts. We pooled resources, to bring to fruition the new SETAR Self Service Kiosk, which is the first one of its kind in Aruba and the Caribbean, using Aruba Bank’s EMV/Chip/magnetic stripe solution."

The first 3 kiosks are already in use and located at the Teleshops Irausquin Plein, Palm Beach and Seroe Blanco.
There are future plans to bring additional Kiosks at other locations in order to make the customers life easier by offering payment of their bills or recharging prepaid cell phones.

On the picture: Mrs. Marlushka Scheper giving an explanation about the e-kiosk. Ms. Larisa Bermudez of Tele Noticia (Telearuba) made the official first transaction on the SETAR Self Service Kiosk at Seroe Blanco.